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Community Development

Discipleship and Christian Learning

Adonai is founded on Christian principles. This guides our approach to child rearing and human development. Church is on Sunday. Every Tuesday, children participate in an hour of fellowship and learning. Every last Saturday of the month time is set aside for leadership development with bible clubs and sharing of the word. On occasion, we are fortunate to receive disciples on exchange. For example, our relationship with Fit-2-Serve has provided us with extraordinary opportunities to exchange, learn from and walk with other followers of Christ from other parts of the world.

Economic Sustainability 

Most families in the area make their living as subsistence farmers. Some sell fruits and vegetables when they have crops to spare. Rarely, however, do families have sufficient income to spend on school fees or other educational investments in their children. Thus, the cycle of poverty continues.

We understand that sustaining Adonai as well as providing opportunities for our graduates depends ultimately on the community's prosperity. Therefore, we have supported various income generating activities in the community, such as our "pay-it-forward" livestock program, which has provided goats and pigs to local residents. We also initiated a revolving, micro-loan program to support local, small-scale entrepreneurs. We hope to continue and expand these programs as we find the resources to do so.

Organizational Self-Sufficiency:  

Like any sustainable, community-based nonprofit organization, we rely on financial support of donors and on the work of our partners. Although, we have a vision of sustainability that we work towards every day, as we are constantly on the lookout for new sources of income and ways to reduce cost.

With support from AdonaiUK, we purchased and now manage Mubende Farm – a 19 acre plot that provides some of our staples, such as corn for the porridge or posho (meal), yams, cassava, or potatoes that the children may eat for meals.

We also have a very busy livestock program that we've started from the help of sponsors. Our herd of 13 goats provides milk (and added protein) for the posho our children eat in the morning. This program was started with a gift from US partner Project Harambee. Our chicken flock, started with a gift from ForgottenSong, now numbers 550 and provides us with eggs for meals and extras to sell to purchase the feed to maintain and grow the flock.  

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