October 2017

Community Celebrates Safe Water!

August 2018

On August 10th, the Adonai Centre celebrated the launch of its solar powered safe water project. The celebration was complete with music, dance, and drama performances from the children while parents, community members, and supporters watched and cheered them on. The Minister of the State for Primary Education was present and delivered a powerful speech, issuing a call to action urging community members that there is still more work to be done. This solar powered safe water system is now recognized as a model for the community by the district water engineer due to the unique chlorine filtration system; no more boiling is necessary and the water is safe to enjoy straight from the tap. Since December, there have been significantly fewer cases of typhoid and other water borne diseases, the Adonai students have been much healthier and able to focus on their school work. Adonai hopes to expand the project to the community so that safe water is soon available for everyone. 

New Fences Secures Safety 

March 2018

After many years without secure boundaries, Adonai has finally been able to secure the much needed funding for the chain link fence around the perimeter. In the past it was possible for anyone to wander onto the campus, and with such a large area it was impossible for us to monitor at all times. Now we are sure of the safety of our students, staff, and medical patients. 

Sanitation Improvement 

January 2018 

Water project system in place paves the way to infection eradication. Now our bathrooms are getting better as funds are becoming available and the water projects system advances. Thanks to Brian and Christine Watsons who funded this peace of work in the girls' barthrooms.

Adonai Christmas Celebration

December 2017

This Christmas was a joyous time for the Adonai family as everyone came together to celebrate the end of the academic year and share the love and grace of God. We had a wonderful top-class graduation, an exciting talent show showcasing the children’s skills and a delicious meal. This year the boarding students also received cozy bedsheets-they should all sleep comfortably now. Thank you to all the sponsors of Adonai UK for making this Christmas a memorable one! 

Medical Centre Updates

August 2017 

On Saturday, October 28, the Adonai Medical Centre hosted a medical camp in conjunction with the Rotary Club of Rutabaga. More than 400 patients were treated for general health problems. The camp was successful and Adonai was able to put their newest technology to the test: an ultrasound machine, as well as a new breathing machine. 

Recently, Adonai was excited to deliver it's first set of twins in the medical centre! 

Adonai Applauses Northwestern GROW Team

June 2017 

This past June, Adonai graciously welcomed yet another GlobeMed GROW team from Northwestern University. This year, their fundraising was able to provide for a much needed ultrasound machine and backup solar generator for the Medical Centre. For the 6 weeks of their stay, they were able to work on many media projects that will help Adonai increase it's online presence. In addition, lessons to teach basic computer skills to staff members were implemented to help the centre run more efficiently and with more ease. One large project was building a student database to computerize all the Adonai records. We truly thank them for the work they have done and we are eager to welcome them again next summer!

US Friends of Adonai Launches Campaign for Clean Water Infrastructure

July 2016

Adonai now faces a grave challenge from a contaminated borehole. Even the short-term (and expensive) solution of trucking water from Kampala hasn't alleviated the problems of water borne diseases like Typhoid and Dysentery. Adonai is in the middle of yet another outbreak of Typhoid since the tainted borehole was first discovered some months ago.   

The good news is that Adonai has partnered with US based Water Missions International on a plan to create a campus wide water system. The plan will ensure clean, safe drinking water to each of the key parts of campus. It will provide better access and alleviate the need for children to carry jerry cans across campus, and to boil the water before drinking. The system has the added advantage of providing another source of clean drinking water to the community.    

The challenge now is raising $50,000 to cover the costs of the new system!  As Bruce Karmazin, US Friends President noted, "This is more than we've ever raised before but it's also critical to the health and safety of the children and staff. Hopefully, Pastor Luswata's visit to the US will help us impress on our friends the importance of the project!"   It's fast and secure to contribute here

Adonai Junior School Now Ranked Top in the Area

January 2015

National exam results for P7 (the final year of Primary school) show outstanding performance of Adonai Junior School. Out of 13 children taking the exam, seven achieved 1st Class and six achieved 2nd Class.  This places Adonai among the top performing schools in the area.  The results determine eligibility for the selective secondary education system. (Children leave after P6 if they do not intend going to secondary school)..

November 2014

Teacher Housing Moves Ahead

With generous financial support from our friends in the UK, a much needed block of housing for teachers is going up on campus!  The project is now nearly complete and has been able to conveniently house teachers close to the Adonai campus. 

Adonai Approves First Strategic Plan

December 2013

At its December meeting, the Adonai Board approved a five year strategic plan for organizational growth and development.  Funded by a US donor, the plan incorporates community feedback generated through an extensive process. It provides an ambitious path forward.  As Board Chair Fred Kasule expressed during the meeting, "We have to be thinking big if we are to accomplish anything significant."  The Board will review progress continually to determine changes that need to be made along the way.