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Our Partners

We are grateful for our partners across the world who walk alongside us in our work. We celebrate you!  We welcome new relationships and people who share our belief in the next generation and their potential to create a more healthy, sustainable future.    

AdonaiUK (no website) is Adonai's longest-standing partner. AdonaiUK built the original Jjaja Penny Orphan Home and the Ron Eyers Preschool Building. AdonaiUK also coordinates long-term child sponsorship commitments and funded the teacher's housing block.

US Friends of Adonai Family Uganda (no website), an Illinois-based 501(c)(3) organization, supports organizational capacity and infrastructure at Adonai. Its first project was ensuring safe emergency transport with the purchase of a vehicle. It also launched a campaign to ensure the campus has safe drinking water. 

GlobeMed at Northwestern is a student-run organization at Northwestern University in Evanston, IL working to advance the movement for global health equity. Since 2012, the chapter has been partnered with Adonai and has supported the medical centre since its inception. Every summer, a team of students serves as interns and researchers at Adonai.

Allow Good is a Chicago-based youth philanthropy organization that works to improve the lives of young people living in poverty by investing in their educational potential. AFG has provided support for clean water infrastructure at Adonai.

Fit-2-Serve is a youth service ministry that walks together with Adonai on the path to Christian enlightenment. Youth missions, pastoral service trips, and exchanges have led to important sharing and discipleship as well as important learning in pedagogy among our faculty. 

Water Mission is a nonprofit Christian ministry committed to providing sustainable water solutions to communities throughout the world. They develop and implement safe water solutions to transform as many lives as possible, as quickly as possible. Water Mission helped Adonai develop a sustainable water solution in 2017. 

The Academy for Global Citizenship is a public charter school located in Chicago, Illinois, USA. Their mission is to empower all student to impact the community and the world beyond. Their education and pedagogy is rooted in economic sustainability, promoting harmony in learning with the environment. Adonai currently runs a pen pal program with their students, and we are in the process of developing a Staff Development program, which will lead to a staff exchange program between the two schools, Adonai Junior School and Academy for Global Citizenship.

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