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In-Community and In-Home:  

We believe that every child should be part of a caring, supportive family in a real home. Through counseling and assistance to "Grannies," more distant family members and others, we encourage and support placement into families in our village.


Unfortunately, Grannies and others who take responsibility for a child are frequently unable to feed themselves much less a child. We address this by providing food support to those vulnerable families. Grannies who take children into their homes receive a daily food allowance and support for special occasions such as Christmas, Easter and birthdays. We conduct regular home visits and provide counseling and encouragement to families making an effort to stay together. Unfortunately, there is little room left in the village. Adoption is no longer an option in Uganda or the international community because of the age and hardened experience of the children.

Therefore, we created the Adonai Children's Home for urgently vulnerable children. The home consists of two dormitories housing a total of 55 girls and boys. There are children who have gotten the opportunity to get sponsorship to pay school tuition and meet some of the child’s basic needs. Adonai also invests in some children as a form of direct sponsorship. Despite humble circumstances, our children are much loved and deeply cherished. In providing houseparents, our vision is to have a live-in "mother and father" who can serve as role models. We maintain a vegetable garden which contributes to a "home life" as well as a healthy, nutritious diet. Each child has responsibilities or chores. Our children range in ages from 3 to 18.


Secondary Students 

Ugandan regulations dictate that children’s homes such as those at Adonai cannot house primary and secondary school aged children under the same roof. While this protective measure is much needed to prevent abuse in homes, it has created a serious situation for the Adonai team. Where can the older children go? At present, the solution is that the most vulnerable live with Aloysious and Abby in their own home while the others have found rooms with trusted members of the local community. Despite the adjustments that are made, the teenagers are still away from the direct supervision of the Adonai team. The older boys are less vulnerable than the girls, hence the focus on the latter. In order to face this challenge, Adonai seeks to build the Dwelling Centre for this treasured generation close to good day secondary schools as we continue to support them to pursue their education in order to secure their future.

End of Year Events 

The end of the year is a joyous time for the Adonai family as we come together to celebrate the holiday season and the end of the academic year with our students. 


The top-class graduation celebrates the promotion of the highest class at the nursery school to motivate and encourage the students to move onto primary school. All parents and well-wishers are invited as the children sing rhymes, cut their graduation cake, receive gifts and participate in their graduation ceremony.

The talent show exhibits the children’s skills in music, dance and drama while helping them build confidence and self-esteem. They perform traditional songs and dances that promote the culture of different regions of Uganda, while plays and skits help educate and promote the values of children. 


The Christmas party is held every year to commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ and to share the love and grace of God with the children. The children all receive at least one gift from a sponsor or well-wishers; most children wouldn’t otherwise have this chance if they weren’t at Adonai. The children enjoy celebrating by singing carols and performing religious mimes.

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