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Meet Our Team


Aloysious Luswata

Executive Director 

Aloysious Luswata is the very vibrant and charismatic co-director of the Adonai Child Development Centre. Aloysious was born in the village of Bulenga, the first of 12 children. He was trained as a pastor and when he noticed that deaths from AIDS and drug abuse in the Namugoga community were rising, he felt that his religious training could help. In 1992, he came to Namagoga and built one of the first churches in the area. Since then, he and his wife, Abby, have been striving to uplift and improve the community. They started out taking in children whose parents were struggling or had passed away. Recognizing a need, Luswatas set down the path of eventually opening the Adonai Centre in 2005. Aloysious hopes to continue giving support to students, improving and developing the medical centre, and extending programs like the safe water project to the whole community. 


Abishage Tulina

Co-Director & Head Teacher

Abishage Tulina, is the current head teacher of Adonai Junior School and the co-director of the organization along with her husband Aloysious Luswata. They are married and together have 4 biological children but care for and love many more. She is a trained professional teacher and has a strong passion for teaching and providing for children. She’s been serving as a teacher and provider since 1994 but still has many goals to achieve. Her vision is to help improve what Adonai has accomplished and hopes that in the future Adonai will be able to establish a dining hall, a library, play equipment, and a separate campus for the nursery school. She also hopes that computers will soon become a more accessible resource so that the teachers are able to more easily produce their work and keep their records.


Since it is hard to find references and scholastic material, the teachers at Adonai are very creative with their teaching styles. They are very passionate about their work and find that the unique environment and motivated students inspire them to do their best. Teachers also engage in co-curricular activities, training the students in music dance and drama as well as some practical life skills like farming and harvesting.

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